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Welcome to my site, a call for action.

Hello.  This site is for teens and others who would like to make a positve difference, but don't have a lot of money hanging around.  This is a new site, but there will be more on my site later. :)


I just received this action alert from Defenders of Wildlife.  Please sign the petition.  It only takes a few seconds.

Here is the link:

And here is some information:

This winter, Cabela’s and Sportsmans Warehouse, two major outdoor retailers , sponsored predator derbies in Idaho where formerly protected wolves were targeted by contestants who vied to see who could kill the most wolves and other animals over a two-day period.

Worse, the entry fees for these brutal competitions were then funneled to support anti-wolf lawyers working to keep wolves in Greater Yellowstone off the endangered species list.

Wildlife-loving people fought too hard for too long to rescue wolves in the northern Rockies from the brink of extinction to silently tolerate corporate sponsorship of bloody competitions like this.

That’s why I’ve joined Defenders of Wildlife’s fight to get Cabela’s and Sportsman’s Warehouse to withdraw their support for predator derbies that target wolves, and I am hoping you will too.

Please sign the petition online at


 How much is a wolf’s life worth?

Three points -- according to Idaho’s misleadingly named Sportsmen for Wildlife, who recently held three “predator derbies,” competitions where contestants vied to see who can kill the most wolves and other animals over a two-day period.

Urge corporate sponsors of these brutal wolf-killing competitions to withdraw their support right now. Sign our petition today;

Cabela’s and Sportsman’s Warehouse -- two major outdoor retailers -- sponsored the derbies, with the entry fees for these brutal competitions funneled to support anti-wolf lawyers and lobbyists working to keep wolves in Greater Yellowstone and the northern Rockies off the endangered species list… and squarely in the crosshairs of those who would do them harm.

Urge Cabela’s and Sportsman’s Warehouse to withdraw their support for wolf-killing derbies. Sign our petition now;

Predator derbies targeting wolves are a hold-over from a more brutal time.

It was a time when wolves were hunted, poisoned and trapped to extinction in Greater Yellowstone and the northern Rockies, a time before wildlife biologists recognized the important role that wolves play in healthy and balanced western ecosystems.

We’ve learned a lot since that dark time. Since wolves were reintroduced to Greater Yellowstone and central Idaho fifteen years ago, we’ve seen local ecosystems rebound as these top predators helped prevent overgrazing of foliage by elk and deer.

According to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, there are 150,000 elk in Montana, compared to 90,000 in the mid 1980s when wolves started to make their way back to the state. Wyoming's elk population is up 35% since then to 95,000, while Idaho's is up 5% to 115,000.

Don’t let the health of our Western lands -- and the wildlife they support -- be sacrificed to appease anti-wolf hatred. Take action now and let Cabela’s and Sportsman’s Warehouse know that wolves are an essential part of the American West.

We know that your voices can make a difference. In November, an independent grassroots campaign convinced Nikon, a previous corporate sponsor of these predator derbies to withdraw their support. Please take action now.

Defenders of Wildlife is committed to working with responsible businesses, ranchers, conservationsists and concerned citizens to ensure a lasting future for wolves in American West. But we need your help.

For the Wild Ones,

Rodger SchlickeisenRodger Schlickeisen, President Signature
Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife

P.S. To get Cabela’s and Sportsman’s Warehouse to end their sponsorship of wolf-killing predator derbies, we need to make a lot of noise. Please take action now and forward this message far and wide (or at least to three friends)!

Making a Difference for Wildlife

Thank you for reading.  I hope you sign the petition.

Arial Wolf Hunts

In case you weren't aware, there is something very serious going on in Alaska.  It is the Arial Hunts.  An Arial hunt is where a group of people go up in an air plane and find a pack of wolves.  When they find them, they fly low to the ground and shoot them from the plain, as they go by.  It is senseless killing, and needs to be stopped. The Alaskan government is using a loop hole in the current law that inhibits this sort of cruel sport, by calling it scientific research, even though there is no scientific basses.

Here is a link: http://https// to a a Defenders of Wildlife page to tell you how to act.  I would not recomend watching the video.


Encouragement! :)

I was looking around and I found this link here:  This page explains how Indonesia has just put aside a island to help protect wildlife.  It would be great if we could all send a letter to thank them, so they know that the world appreciates what they have done, and to encourage them to set aside more in the future.

Veiw Point on Wolves. :)


Wolves are an important part of our ecosystem.  They help keep prey populations down and prevent sickness from spreading in herds.  Predators are necessary to keep the natural balance in check and healthy.



Hello, I hope that when you are done reading this you will know more about wolves, why some people fear them and why some people adore them.  I hope when you are done reading this, you will feel the same way I do.  That wolves are worth protecting, and that you will help them.


Number 1:  Why do people dislike, or fear wolves?

Stories such as “Little Red Riding Hood” “The Three Little Pigs” and other stories tell children at young ages that The Big Bad Wolf is coming to get them. This can start an early fear of wolves, even though children don’t know what real wolves are.  Also, some times mortality in livestock or pets can be blamed on wolves. A few deaths sometimes are caused by wolves but very few actually are. Only 0.11% of all cattle losses were due to wolf predation in 2005”~ Defenders of Wildlife.  There are some graphs that show cattle and sheep mortality rates at the bottom. There are many other factors that contribute to cattle and other livestock mortality that many people don’t even look at before condemning wolves.


                                                                            Number 2:  Why do some people love wolves?

There are many things that people admire, like or even adore about wolves.  Some people admire/like/adore wolves for their physical beauty, or the way they stick together as a family.  Some hunters like wolves because they weed out sick animals and leave trophy animals, which is what hunters want.  Native American Indians view wolves from a spiritual angle, and some people just plain like wolves. Still others think of wolves from a of fantasy point of view.   


Number 3: What is being done to help humans and wolves live together?

This is a big question and can’t be answered completely, as steps to help wolves and people coincide are being taken everyday.  Some examples of things that are being done are: advancements in technology like sound boxes that ranchers can place around their livestock. These sound boxes are trigged by  wolves passing by, and scare them away from the livestock.  Developers have also created night pens that ranchers can place their livestock in. These pens are made with streamers that frighten the wolves away.  One sheep herder reported seeing one of his sheep being chased by a canine.  The sheep ran over a hill and into a night pen.  The canine turned and ran away in fright.                               


                                                                                    Number 4: Why should we protect wolves?

Wolves keep the natural balance in check. Imagine if there were no wolves or other predators. At some point there would be so many herbivores that the diversity of the world’s plants would be harmed, resulting in an un-healthy ecosystem. The herbivores would be less healthy, because predators kill the sick animals in herds. Wolves are magnificent animals. Imagine if there were no wolves for future generations to dream about, write about and see. 


Here are the graphs, thanks to Defenders of Wildlife.





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